Brand Identity

Corporate Identity TRENDIT Cape Town

TRENDit offers you the following services:

• Logo Design •
• Design and Printing of Business Stationery •
• BRANDED Email Signatures •
• Social Media Management across various Platforms •
• WordPress Website Design •
• Newsletters sent to your Database •

The visible elements of your business, such as colours, design, logo, name, or symbols, that are used to identify and distinguish your business in your clients’ mind, is known as your Brand Identity.

Brand Identity is different to Brand Image.

Brand Image is what your clients actually think about your Business.

A negative gap between Brand Identity and Brand Image means your Business is out of touch with your target market and clients.

TRENDit! ensures your Brand Identity and Brand Image are synchronised, through the consistent use of your colours, design, logo, name and symbols, while keeping up to date with the ever evolving Design and Online Trends and maintaining a Positve Online Presence of your Business.